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What We Built In Brewerytown – The Annex’s Story

For the last several years, Philadelphia neighborhoods have been getting capital investments and community improvements in the form of new real estate development as well as philanthropic contributions. One of the most popular of these burgeoning locations is Brewerytown, which is the location for “The Annex.”

Dana Spain is a visionary developer and demonstrated her commitment to Philadelphia with this project. Betting big on a massive historic building just south of Master Street, she has developed more than 150 units in an area where development had previously been stalling.

Back in 2015, Philly Voice wrote an article called, “Why Brewerytown is Philly’s best neighborhood.” Author Syreeta Martin interviewed local residents, the Greater Brewerytown Community Development Corp., and some members of a capital firm that had invested considerable money in the neighborhood already.

Syreeta covered the neighborhood from a journalistic perspective and then eventually moved into the neighborhood where she noted, “It’s perfect for newcomers like me: the millennial professionals and first-time families…my two young daughters and I fit into the circle that defines the neighborhood.”

Notoriety for this neighborhood began to spread through the ranks of real estate developers and agents. In 2016, Coldwell Banker’s Amy Freedman wrote an article entitled, “Up-and-Coming Philadelphia Neighborhoods to Consider” where she lists Brewerytown as the first in this list. Freedman jokes, “Think of Brewerytown as Fairmount’s cheaper, slightly cooler sibling.” It’s no wonder, being that the average listing price of homes in Brewerytown compared to Fairmount are much less expensive, and both neighborhoods are nearby to many of the same amenities such as the Art Museum and public transportation.

The goal of the project was to contribute to the growth of the neighborhood while bringing value to the existing community. In conjunction with the new build construction, the developer commissioned the Philadelphia Mural Arts program to paint “Industrious Light: Brewerytown.” Artist Phillip Adams produced a block-long mural depicting Brewerytown combining it’s “pre-prohibition past with its present day craft beer and millennial-fueled revival.” CBS Local covered this aspect of the project in September of 2017 in their article, “New Mural Unveiled In Brewerytown.”

With modern appliances, finishes, and design aesthetics, residents will feel like they are living in a hospitality suite. The luxury of hardwood floors and well-lit spaces help families settle into the comfort of their new home. Several different floor plans make this development appropriate for new families or young professionals who want to be a part of a community that is revitalizing a historic part of Philadelphia.

The kitchen is equipped with new appliances and a breakfast bar. Three pendant lights illuminate the eating surface, and under cabinet lighting is available to make the food preparation surface easy to see. This layout is great for creating home cooked meals, or for ordering a pizza for the big game! Space is ample for entertaining or weekend relaxation too.

The Annex was a fulfilling and rewarding process for us on a number of levels. Creating a beautiful mural for the community, providing new housing, and producing a viable property for our client makes The Annex of Brewerytown one of Volumetric Building Companies’s shining achievements.

After the Annex was completed, hundreds of units were brought to market in the surrounding blocks. Including more than 130 apartments built by Westrum Development. VBC set all of the modules on the 1400 block of N 31st (almost 200 so far and counting!)” To our partners, the neighborhood, and new residents of The Annex, we thank you for your support and look forward to continuing to improve the great city of Philadelphia.