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Looking Back At Leverington Mews In Roxborough

Our company has been growing and expanding exponentially over the past years. Getting to this new stage of VBC’s development has been an incredible experience for our founder & President, Vaughan Buckley, as well the rest of the team. With all our forward trajectory, it can be valuable to take stock of where we’ve come from; it is important to remember the journey so we can build upon it. By looking into our past work we have learned to appreciate just how much VBC has evolved.


It has been over 3 years since we built the
Leverington Mews development in Roxborough. This project encompasses so much about what VBC stands for, and why we do what we do. Being a part of the Philadelphia community is so important for us which is why we like to include some aspect of the local neighborhood or environment in our projects whenever possible. Whether that means including a Philadelphia Mural Arts mural on the side of The Annex, or bringing new affordable housing to University City with U-City Flats, our dedication to the city of Philadelphia has never wavered since our founding in 2009.

The development of Leverington Mews was covered by Montgomery News writer Bernard J. Scally in September of 2015 while the property was still under construction. Neighbors and invited guests were welcomed on set day, when the modular components were put in place on the job site. This kind of community engagement helped us create a positive atmosphere for the neighborhood by including the people surrounding our property to be a part of the process.


We are very proud of our staff, thankful to our loyal clients, and excited for the future we all have before us. The next phase of our growth will include larger commercial modular construction projects and expanding our overall capabilities.

While developing Leverington Mews, Vaughan Buckley became a board member of the Roxborough Development Corporation which is “committed to providing Roxborough residents with high-quality shopping, dining and entertainment experiences” as stated on their LinkedIn page. By fostering real estate development in this corner of Philadelphia, we are actively engaged in building a better environment for our city.

The future of construction is modular, and we are more confident than ever that VBC is poised to provide the market with the best products & services. Our goal is to innovate safe, quality, and efficient processes for every stage of construction. Having been a part of many great projects in the past we are looking forward to new challenges, new solutions, and new team members helping us grow to build better.


The neighborhood of Roxborough continues to flourish and thrive, hosting events like their annual “Art Is Life” festival. Read about it here. To learn more about the modular construction industry check out the Modular Building Institute.
For more information about Roxborough see the neighborhood’s website.