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Our Commitment & Core Values – Explained

Safety First

While we strive to innovate every day, some conventional wisdom stands the test of time. For us, as a construction company, safety is paramount. We instill this in our people and partners at every step of the building process. On the factory floor where our modular building components are produced we implement control measures to ensure integrity. Our crew look out for each other on site to keep procedures in place that provide a safe working environment.


People Matter

Beyond physical safety, VBC creates a workplace where people are respected and treated with dignity. Some of our staff have been with us for years and continue to look for ways to advance their career within our growing ecosystem. It is our job to create safe properties our clients are proud of, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Quality People & Materials

Our commercial modular manufacturing facility uses the highest quality materials in our prefabricated construction process. In our opinion, that should be a given. The thing that many people miss about producing quality products is the fact that it requires quality people to do so.

Good people deserve good opportunities. That is why we always look for ways to help our most driven staff thrive in expanding their role. Anybody on the team can contribute to solving problems, which is partly how we continue to evolve as a more efficient and effective company.

Protecting What Matters

When our clients contract us for work, they are entrusting us to be good stewards of their capital. Building a property that people will live, work, or play in means taking stock of a lot of factors. We want our clients’ customers’ experience to be of the highest quality as well. In addition to that, finding new ways to do things can help improve the process overall, further protecting the investment that is made in real estate development.

Efficiency In Execution

Arial view modular set

Having an efficient process is meaningless if it is not followed with discipline. This is where our core values converge and make the biggest difference in the organization. Many of our projects are completed ahead of schedule. As you can imagine, this has come to the great delight of our repeat clients. In fact, it is through our most trusted partners that we create the most efficiency.

Long Lasting Value

When we are able to create a relationship with a client over the course of several years, we can add the most value to their business. Each project we complete, we learn from one another. After establishing that kind of trust we can create the most efficient processes and projects because we have past experience and knowledge to draw from.

Why A Shield?

Our staff have become quite attached to this symbol. They express a sense of honor or personal value in it. This is something people become a part of with us. A shield is a symbol of strength, but also of protection. It is the embodiment of our core values. A shield provides safety and it must be made out of quality materials in order to do so.

Getting “Behind” The Shield

Volumetric Building Companies is growing at a great pace right now. We are constantly on the look out for new talent to add to the team. In the coming months we will be sharing more about the people who make this company great in a series called “Behind the Shield.” We will dive deeper into the hearts and minds of VBC’s key members and what motivates them to build.

If you are interested in learning more about the current openings at the company please review the Careers page or contact us to begin a conversation about a possible future for you here.


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