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Vertical Integration // Creating Power With Partnerships

Changing The Way We Build

Vaughan always knew he was going to make an impact in the United States. He saw that people needed an easier way of doing business in real estate. Starting with the construction process, Vaughan began innovating every day. Constantly improving is what is responsible for the growth of this company.

Modular manufacturing is the answer. Vaughan decided to formalize a partnership with one of his biggest allies. VBC continues to expand rapidly after opening up a commercial modular manufacturing facility with Ritz-Craft Homes.

The Business Of Construction Itself Must Evolve

Though most industries have been disrupted by digitalization, the construction industry has fallen behind in the process. This is partly due to the fact that construction is hyper localized in nature. Digitalization has not fully disrupted all aspects of the business yet but it will soon. Sophisticated logistics can enable intercontinental trade on a new level now too. As more communication moves online, construction as a business is going to have to catch up.

Ritz-Craft Homes has always been innovative in their business practices. Vaughan and Rob were interested in a partnership. Eric and Paul John, the owners of Ritz-Craft Homes, have an equal sense of admiration for what Vaughan has built.

Staying Ahead

The needs of the market continue to change. Companies have to look towards the future in order to keep up. Brands must be willing to put themselves on the line to succeed.

Our values are so important to us, the people that work for VBC, and the people we do business with.

A New Model For Building

Real estate developers trust Volumetric Building Companies with their most important projects. Clients also respect what Vaughan is creating. Exceeding client expectations is foundational for our company’s culture. It is what creates longevity at the end of the day. Creating a sustainable business that provides value is of great importance to us.

Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak at the inside one of Johns Buckley’s new factories:

If you’re looking for innovative solutions for building, you know where to find us!

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