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“Safety Is Our Highest Priority” // Behind The Shield With Rob Schmalbach

Safety Creates The Proper Foundation

Rob began working with Vaughan 5 years ago. This was at a time when Rob was looking for the next innovation he could bring to the construction industry. It was clear after a short period of time that Vaughan and Rob make a good team. The way they both valued safety on the job site was paramount. In addition, they bounce ideas off one another in a creative way. They both enjoy the process of solving problems too. Most importantly, they bring out the best in each other as producers.

With a degree in business administration from the University Delaware (also the place where Rob met his wife), Rob provides leadership within the company.

Rob says he loves construction because, “You can feel it. There is a physicality to the work we do. That tangibility makes our progress real for me and the team. That is something special many people don’t get to experience in their work.”

That passion and heart beat is what Rob brings to every job site. He says that it is so important to him the team know it’s their work together that makes it possible. It is hard to describe the feeling of satisfaction Rob says he feels in seeing the final product his teams create.

Making Safety More Than A Brand Value

We asked Rob how he makes sure safety as a brand value exists in the daily practice of the company. He said, “I would never ask my crews, our subs, or any of our partners to do anything that would put them in a dangerous position.” He spends 12 hours per day on job sites, looking after the team. Their safety is important to Rob because of his connection to these people and their families. Rob’s visionary thinking is deeply engrained in the staff and their desire to support this growth.

Rob also says that safety is natural to him, as a part of the modular construction process. Providing the right tools, and quality materials makes a difference in providing the team what they need to do the job right and be safe. When those conditions are right, people are able to execute amazing things with everyone’s safety in tact.

“We have just as much quality behind the shield as we do in front.”

What that means to Rob is that the aesthetic has to match the value behind the walls of the building. VBC’s ability to deliver that consistently is reflected in their business’ long time relationships with satisfied repeat customers and new referral opportunities from partners. People stick around VBC in part because of Rob’s dedication to their growth and development. Creating safety on the job site is only the beginning.

Learn More About Rob Below
  • Places he’s traveled to: Greece (Honeymoon), London, Germany, Amsterdam, Costa Rica, and many of the world’s islands. He’d like to go to Paris, though! Maybe a satellite office will open up in Europe soon…
  • Favorte super hero: Captain America
  • When asked what people don’t often think of when they think of construction, Rob said: It’s a very creative business for people that want to work hard and think outside the box.
  • Loves to snowboard
  • Coaches some of his childrens’ sports teams


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