Our Core Values

Our values are simple, fundamental, and universal. Our clients and the market continue to respond positively to the way we uphold our principles, and it is with these values that we lead our team.

The safety of our staff, customers, and the end users who occupy the properties we build is of paramount importance to every employee.

To ensure our customers always receive quality service, we constantly improve our products and solutions.

Modular construction answers the question, “How can we constantly improve the process of constructing a building?” Therefore, efficient processes and new ways of thinking are required to innovate.

VBC | Construction represents our diverse abilities within multi-family modular construction. Partnered with VBC | Manufacturing, we are your primary source of expertise for your next project from ideation to completion. VBC | Construction prides itself on being able to get developers into their buildings with more ease and significantly less time than traditional construction methods.

VBC | Manufacturing focused on the manufacturing of commercial modular units used for Multi-Family housing across the United States. Working in conjunction with our expert team at VBC | Construction, our modular units are built in the most efficient manner to expedite the build during the set and construction processes. This vertically integrated model allows for systems and infrastructure to work together streamlining a complex process. We value our team and work with them to provide very competitive wages, benefits, production bonuses, and a true team focused environment. We are looking for talented individuals looking to become part of the way we build America!

VBC | Studio in Boston, MA manages the design and engineering phases allowing for streamlining during production and build. Partnering with VBC | Construction and VBC | Manufacturing, we are able to directly influence building timelines and efficiencies by designing building to common specifications leading to significantly less rework and better end product.