VBC | Studio

At VBC | Studio we rely on years of architecture and engineering experience within the modular volumetric industry to create innovatively beautiful designs that are at the genesis of multifamily housing development. Working directly with engineering teams at modular factories, and the construction teams responsible for erecting our designs, we can eliminate delays and rework that plaque traditional on-site construction.

VBC | Studio is an AOR that works directly with clients to identify their needs, space requirements, and overall goals to develop intelligent floor plans from modular construction philosophies that allow for the most efficient process in the country. As the AOR, we use our extensive experience of the process, bringing structural and aesthetic designs together so when completed we achieve maximum efficiency entering into factory production. This process also allows for the smaller details of the design to take shape quickly, without shortcuts and changes that tend to happen during on-site construction. As we work through our design modeling process, we connect with the projects construction leaders to assure we address potential concerns, so the footprints fit perfectly within the necessary guidelines and regulations of the project and site limitations.

beauty and design combined to create spaces that people are proud to call home

At the end of the day, we are architects. We have extensive experience with building codes in multiple states and take the time up front to assure quality. Equally, we focus on the beauty of the design. We understand that these are not just buildings, they are people’s homes. We strive to create living spaces that the families are proud to call home, and that our clients can easily get ROI. With multiple influences in our design philosophies, we integrate intelligent modern design into modular volumetric construction to blend beauty, efficiency and price together perfecting the first step in changing the way America builds.

Our Team