Our Process

Our Process

What we do isn’t easy, but VBC has created a process that simplifies the steps necessary to construct buildings in the most efficient way.

With the market demand growing for multifamily housing due to generational mindsets in urban areas, clients are looking for more efficient solutions that can deliver competitive pricing, less oversight, and a quicker return on their investment.

Volumetrix is the intelligent application of combining the complex practices of design, logisitics, production and construction into a seamless, simplified process providing a turn-key solution for our clients.

The Solution


describing the measurement of volume as it relates to a module or modules as the basis of design, logistics, automation and construction.


Custom logistical manufactured construction; complexity simplified

See also: Design Customization, Cost Efficient Building, Logistical Expertise, Complete Solution



With years of crafting modern living spaces, our high density housing approach is rooted in providing the most comfortable lifestyle possible. Our portfolio of customizable solutions with focused architectural expertise provides designs with unlimited opportunities.


Bringing proven technology to the industry along with an unsurpassed trade and industry expertise, our solution guarantees faster, higher capacity fulfillment anywhere in the United States.


Regional construction expertise based in Philadelphia with nation consulting capabilities rooted in safe, quality, and efficient construction standards. This focus guarantees a certified turnkey solution for quicker client ROI.


We own the process so you don’t have to.

We own the process so you don’t have to.

Architecture and Engineering experts familiar with volumetric modular design and municipal building codes.

Dedicated off-site production built at a higher quality, protected from adverse weather.

Material procurement and transport logistics from factory to site.

Regional set construction expertise as a full-service general contractor based in Philadelphia.

Turnkey development solution in ½ the time versus standard on-site construction.