Tiffany Helfrich

Executive Assistant
After joining the company as part of her co-op program from Drexel University, Tiffany quickly became a part of the team. She appreciates the value of the niche that modular building fills in the construction industry and has adopted the brand values at a core level. It is her diligent nature that drives Tiffany to streamline tasks and make them as efficient as possible. Her proudest moment with the company thus far has been when she was asked to remain a part of the team after being a part of the set at Luna on Pine.

Advice For New Hires: Initiative and creative thinking are the best assets you can have at this company – use them!

Describe Leadership: The ability to guide effectively. To be able to give instructions as well as constructive support when needed. A true leader is able to identify issues and help those they are leading to develop and implement solutions.

Favorite Food: All you can eat seafood