As we enter 2020 and consider all that it has in store for us individually, as a team, and as a company, it is important to reflect on the amazing accomplishments we have all helped to achieve this year. Our talented teams are often so focused on the future that we do not take the time to appreciate all of the hard work it took to get us to where we are today.


The growth this year quickly demonstrated that our brand was ready for an evolution to appropriately communicate “who we are.” The first step was developing an identity that clearly communicated our business and allowed for the flexibility to showcase the diversity in our divisions. In addition, as an innovator in the industry, it was important for us to redefine the way people viewed modular construction. This journey led us to a very strategic name, Volumetric Building Companies with the acronym VBC. That acronym is used in place of the master brand mark allowing distinct communication of each divisional function while maintaining clearly established brand characteristics.

VBC | Construction
VBC | Manufacturing
VBC | Studio
VBC | Creative

Rebranding a business is no small task, especially with almost 10 years of history within an industry. Reeducating partners while assuring them the change is leading to bigger and better things, is both essential and tricky. Typically, these transitions happen over 12-18 months, but true to VBC form, we accomplished this in less than 3 months.


Raising the new VBC | Manufacturing flag during the opening ceremonies

With the growth it was clear very quickly that our current and future expansion dictated the need to implement our vision of a vertically integrated company expanding beyond construction to control the design and manufacturing phases of the process. Increasing efficiency in construction by introducing an end-to-end solution is new to offsite building allowing us to move even faster without some of the complications that are indigenous to construction. Our goal to provide design, logistics, manufacturing and construction/consulting gave birth to this blueprint.

VBC | Construction

Born from the evolution of Vaughan Buckley Construction, VBC | Construction brings with it a more singular meaning of the process while also focusing on the full team of people that makes the company a success. This allowed for the company to be built into a division that acts as one step in the vertically integrated solution.

VBC | Manufacturing

In July of 2019, VBC acquired the manufacturing facility in Hamlet, NC from Ritz-Craft. The need to have more control over the manufacturing process of units for VBC | Construction projects, as well as for developers building other multifamily projects utilizing modular construction nationwide, dictated the need for a plant of our own. Our history with Ritz-Craft made the Hamlet facility a clear choice; and VBC knew that by infusing our culture and mindset, that we could not only make the plant successful, but also a place that team members in Hamlet could invest their hard work and become part of the VBC family. VBC | Manufacturing then began the 1st phase of a vertically integrated business structure.

VBC | Studio

Over the past years we had a partnership with LABhaus out of Boston, led by Sara Logan, to work with external AOR’s, our construction and manufacturing teams, and clients to assure that the modular design development was done in a way to streamline the process. Over time, the volume of work and efficiency improvement opportunities made it clear that the need to have a division solely focused on the VBC business was necessary. In October of 2019, Sara Logan took the role as VP of Design for VBC | Studio bringing with her a strong team of experts, and allowing us to have a fully integrated internal Architecture and Design team.

VBC | Creative

In early 2019, as we were moving the business forward, we needed to assure that our branding, communication and strategic messaging would be in place to support the transition from a construction company to an integrated multi-discipline company. Led by Shawn Hendrix and Josh Delph, the VBC | Creative division has implemented corporate rebranding, marketing campaigns and culture out-reach that has helped develop and implement our internal and external messaging. VBC | Creative has established a new communication footprint that is driving awareness and engagement in our communities and industry.

Awards, Recognition and Involvement

Spring boarding from VBC’s successful 2018, we realized even greater recognition in 2019. Receiving company awards, individual awards for our President, as well as invitations to major summits within our industry all over the globe; the industry is taking notice of our innovation and exceptional team!


Vaughan recognized as one of Philadelphia’s Forty Under 40

VBC President and founder, Vaughan Buckley, received Philadelphia Business Journal’s “40 under 40” award recognizing him as one of the area’s best and brightest leaders. Later in the year, this award was expanded to list Vaughan in the top 100 in the national “40 under 40” list.


VBC | Construction team at HAVEN charity dinner

VBC was honored to support HAVEN Women, helping Philadelphia’s homeless and transitioning female Veterans rebuild their lives.


VBC | Construction celebrating 10 years of innovative solutions

Over the past 10 years the founding company of VBC has been building a name for itself in Philadelphia. The company has progressed from 100 set units the first year, to now over 1,000 set units. With the increase in work, there also came an increase in the talented people who have helped build the company into what it is today. The tremendous growth in all phases over the past 10 years leads to VBC | Construction being the “go to” GC for commercial multi-family modular construction in the greater Philadelphia area.

To celebrate, members of the VBC | Construction team in Philadelphia came together at the Germantown Cricket Club to share stories, food, drink and fun at a night-time Luau. Throughout the evening one thing was clear, the Philadelphia group has come a long way and has built a road to success for the future. Congratulations on 10 years in business VBC | Construction.

Dale Dixon speaking at the grand opening ceremony for VBC | Manufacturing

On June 17th, VBC | Manufacturing held the Grand Opening Ceremony for the Hamlet facility. Over 400 people attended with dedications provided local and state dignitaries, representatives from Richmond Community College and VBC. The ceremony was a celebration of the opening of the first VBC | Manufacturing plant in the US, as well as introducing a new culture of community providing over 120 jobs to local talent.


The Mod-X group brought together global leaders in volumetric and off-site construction to tour Japanese factories and network with Japanese industry leaders. Vaughan Buckley, Rob Schmalbach and Brian Seelig traveled to Japan, touring sites and exchanging innovative techniques to grow the global industry.


VBC earned #494 out of 5000 companies in its 3rd year on the 2019 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the United States realizing growth of 891% over 2018.


We were proud to be recognized for the second straight year at Philadelphia Business Journal’s Soaring 76 Awards, ranking #3 on the list of Philadelphia’s fastest growing companies. The Philly team was there to celebrate the accomplishment!


Vaughan speaking at Bisnow Modular Construction Summit

VBC had the honor of being included recently in the 2019 Bisnow Modular Construction Summit in Los Angeles. Our President, Vaughan Buckley, was a panel member asked to speak about a number of topics during the event.

We completed the tallest wood-framed multifamily modularly constructed building in the city of Philadelphia at 4125 Chestnut street in 2019. With completion in October, Chestnut already had 99% occupancy and took just over a year to complete surpassing existing site-built projects just down the road by almost a full year.


Secretary Ben Carson at the Affordable Housing Initiative Meeting

November 22nd, 2019 – VBC President, Vaughan Buckley, and Dana Spain, Director of Investor Relations were invited to take part in an Affordable Housing Initiative Meeting. The meeting was headed by United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, and also included members of the Presidents Regulatory Action Committee for Housing as well as senior HUD officials.

There were many topics ranging from OZ’s (opportunity zones) where Vaughan Buckley noted “The OZ legislation has had a massive impact, including for many people in the Richmond County, NC area.” The meeting evolved into a discussion where the Secretary thanked our company for being involved in the industry where he recognized “The many benefits of modular construction.” Vaughan was able to represent our company ideas by presenting an affordable housing presentation providing solutions to solve the crisis while also discussing the challenges of HUD financing and how they impact the ability for modular housing to be widely used.

It was a great honor being involved in a meeting with such an important opportunity to present the wonderful ideas our company has to help solve the crisis of affordable housing in America. The exposure provided by this meeting and the positive outcome from it, is a direct reflection of the hard work, and innovative ideas the VBC team accomplishes daily.

Final Thoughts

2020 promises to be an amazing, rewarding, and challenging year. Although we look forward to this journey and building the talented teams that will no doubt lead the way, we should each take pride in the hard work and dedication it took to get us here. Few companies see the type of growth VBC did in 2019. This was due to the exceptional people that spent countless hours dedicating themselves to accomplish this monumental achievement. For all the accomplishments of 2019 and still yet to come in 2020 and beyond, what makes VBC different is all of you.

Happy Holidays.