Why did you decide on manufacturing as your career?

I’m the third generation in my family who made manufacturing a career so it came somewhat natural. My Dad was a tool maker and over the years had built a machine shop in our basement so at an early age I learned to run a lathe, drill press & mill and worked  with him on weekend jobs.   After nearly forty years in manufacturing I find the interplay between people and process fascinating and really enjoy building systems that support people development and ownership of their processes.  In the end, manufacturing is a team effort supported by the entire organization from HR, Engineering, Purchasing, etc. so working with team members towards a common goal is at the heart of any successful manufacturing company.

What is it about what VBC does that excites you?

I’m excited to be working for VBC during this period of rapid growth with the challenges it brings as well as the fact that we are leading the industry.  The innovation, growth & teamwork that the company is developing makes working here exciting and fulfilling to be a part of.

What did you do in your career prior to VBC and how did it lead you to your current role?

I’ve worked in automotive, pharmaceutical, industrial and mineral process industries but my last company made industrial abrasives and wire brush for the welding market with factories in the US, Brazil, China and Slovenia.

How did your relationship with VBC happen?

I was introduced to VBC and Vaughan through a mutual friend and we both saw an opportunity where I might be able to assist with the Hamlet facility becoming a World-Class manufacturer of module, multi-family product.

What do you see the future bringing for the business and industry?

The industry is facing tremendous demand for affordable housing across the country which translate to our ability to increase our capacity in Hamlet.  With our current backlog we could double production and still not supply enough product to meet our demand so additional plants will be required over the next few years.

Favorite movie and movie quote?

Casablanca and the Humphrey Bogart line to Ingrid Bergman, “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

What song comes on the radio with which you can’t help but sing along?

Paul McCartney’s Maybe I’m Amazed

What do you do with your spare time?

I’ve been doing family ancestry research for that last 15 years and enjoy finding out new things about my family history.