Over the last year, many of our departments have grown at VBC | Manufacturing to help improve productivity to move the company forward. Each of this departments have played a vital role to increase productivity, increase trade knowledge for existing employees and new hires, safety, and capacity issues.

Our Safety Team, which has become vital to our success, has gone through development and mandated procedures and protocols to assure that the safety of all employees is always our number one priority. Although there is work to do, the trend is heading in the right direction which allows us to run our facility for maximum output.

Training was identified as an important need to grow. The Training Department was established and has helped set up necessary training to build in areas that were lacking. Through the process, steps were in place to retrain existing employees, while also developing skills test and development for new hires to assure they’re armed for success. These protocols are in place to help to continuously improve the on-boarding process for long-term team building.

Capacity has been a challenge for some time at our facility. We have addressed unit storage capacity issues by developing steps to increase it by 5X more than what we had a year ago.

As the leaders in the facility continue to grow and learn along with the addition of new members, they are also embracing the idea of “taking ownership”. With theese key roles, VBC | Manufacturing has grown in its knowledge and understanding to build a team that works towards a common goal. We still have a way to go, but the improvement over the last year is something to be proud of.

During this time, we have also built a community connection that wasn’t there before. We have cultivated a great relationship with Richmond County personnel and the Richmond Community College that has resulted in great publicity and programs to drive talent our way. Working with Richmond Community College, we have created a curriculum specific to our needs for potential hires and further more, supporting our training efforts at our facility.

One of the biggest benefits has been the personal interaction with people in the community commenting on great of a job VBC | Manufacturing is doing! VBC | Manufacturing has become the destination for people looking for a good job, good pay, and an opportunity build a career.

We also haven’t forgotten that we are part of this community as well. VBC has integrated itself helping with special programs from summer reading at the library, supporting local ball teams, and being a voice for the hard working people of Richmond County. From supplying donated footballs to throw out at half time (Go Richmond Raiders!!!) to supporting Richmond Community College scholarship program at the annual gala, VBC | Manufacturing has made Richmond County its home! 

As we move forward and continue to strive to be the best, technology and resources are at the top of the list. We’ve began the process of adding lasers to production line, as well as touch screen TV’s added to show production prints. To help with the mobilization of units, we’ve invested in a remote-controlled straddle lift to move units around in the yard. As we grow internally, so does the demand for what we do. In the future, we look to expanding our team to run another shift, which will allow us to take on more projects with the increased capacity. To ship these units, we will need more trucks and have began working towards VBC float trailers to ship our product.

Since last June when we opened this facility in Hamlet, we have seen our shares of struggles and successes. The goal is to continue to learn from the hard times, and build on what has worked. We know we have the right team, with the right attitude and talent. Over the next year, we will continue moving forward investing in resources to arm this talented team that supports our business to assure our company sees the same growth and success in our 2nd year, that we saw in the first.