Why did you decide to join VBC?

The excitement of creating a new company and a new industry approach.

What is about what VBC does, that excites you?

The opportunity to really impact society.  Plus there is such a genuine energy here to create, design, and grow.

What did you do in your career prior to joining the team?

I have been in the field of Human Resources for more than 25 years.

How did your relationship with VBC happen?

More than anything else, it was a conversation with the Recruitment team.  They did a great job creating the “story” of the company.

How do you see your role helping shape the future of the company?

The company is ever changing.  I think my role has the opportunity to help set support in place for the people to grow along with the organization.

Favorite movie and movie quote? 

Wow – I really do not have a favorite movie or quote – I like different movies for different moods, same with books, music, and the like.

What song comes on the radio with which you can’t help but sing along?

Anything 80s

What do you do with your spare time?

Right now, it is learning VBC, but I am trying to balance my family, our dog (Perhaps soon to be dogs), the beach, coaching, as well as spending time with our friends and several youth and homeless shelters we contribute to.