Dear VBC Team,

2020 has been a wild ride unlike any we have seen before — and VBC is used to wild rides! We have experienced some of the largest successes in our company’s history (Philadelphia’s largest modular project ever built [4233 Chestnut]) and largest failures (massive supply chain disruption at the factory resulting in shortages and incomplete modules being delivered). These milestones have occurred in the midst of a historical pandemic, the launching of a new nationwide factory network (the MMC) and the addition of affordable housing solutions to our suite of offerings to our clients.

The VBC team has achieved some amazing milestones this year:

  1. Contracted our first design project in California. This is a huge opportunity to make our company’s footprint nationwide.
  2. Consistently produced at least 1.6 modules per day (8 per week) for a full quarter. This is key to our sustainability and success. 
  3. Worked on our first affordable housing project. This is our way of igniting a shift in how affordable housing is built around the country.
  4. Commenced manufacturing on a project TWICE the size of the largest modular project ever built in Philadelphia – 510 N. Broad. This project’s basement is deeper than our first project (46th Street) was tall.
  5. We have grown in headcount to exceed 250 total employees.
  6. We now have offices in 6 states around the U.S. Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Indiana, Idaho and Delaware.
  7. We’ve continued to win awards (including design awards from the Modular Building Institute and the National Association of Home Builders, growth awards from Inc. Magazine and national publications, and leadership awards from the Philadelphia Business Journal).
  8. We have continued to operate through the pandemic without suffering any mass layoffs.
  9. We currently are working on projects that have more than 2,000 housing units combined between them – between Studio, Manufacturing & Construction.

VBC has an opportunity and an expectation for an incredible 2021. As tough as 2020 has been for so many of you personally and for the company as a whole, I’m optimistic and excited for 2021 and grateful for the support and leadership shown by our team in weathering the damaging storm that has been 2020. The anxiety and stress that comes with dealing with the direct and indirect effects of this year’s events are real, and the burden that our entire team is carrying personally and professionally as a result are felt by the group overall. I’m so appreciative of all of your individual contributions and the results that we have been able to achieve as a group of companies as a result. You all make up an amazing team that anyone would be proud to be a part of and I personally could not be prouder. 

I hope that you all take time to relax, recharge and spend time with your families over the holidays and can’t wait to start the new year with some of our amazing opportunities on the board to tackle.

Happy Holidays to everyone and thank you for all of your support, energy and commitment. VBC is stronger as a result of your input.