This is an exciting time for our company! Over the last 10 years in business we have seen substantial growth. With that growth came a recognition that the business is so much more than one person, and it was time to structure and name the business according to that. On June 17,2019, we rebranded our business to Volumetric Building Companies with two separate divisions, VBC | Construction and VBC | Manufacturing. VBC | Construction transitioned from Vaughan Buckley Construction as recognition of the strong and dedicated team that helped build this success. Like before, this part of the company will stand for safety, quality and efficiency leading the way in volumetric construction. VBC | Manufacturing was created as a division which will control the manufacturing process of our units following the acquisition of our new facility in Hamlet, NC. This huge step for our organization represents growth and commitment in an industry that is getting national recognition for its efficiencies in commercial multi-family modular construction. In Hamlet, we now have the capability to manufacture modular units within our business, helping streamline efficiencies. These two divisions are the foundation for building a truly vertically integrated process within this industry that has yet to be realized in the United States. Each one of us is a part of that and will be the key’s to unlocking the door to the next ten years of success and growth.