Why did you decide on construction/architecture/engineering as your career?  

My Dad had me with him at a young age constructing buildings, and I learned to enjoy building. But, we never built from decent plans or usually no plans at all. So, I started creating drawings of the buildings prior to construction, showing my dad how much more efficient the process could be with plans. I enjoyed drawing and building and decided at that point it would make me a good career.

What is about what VBC does that excites you?   

The Modular Construction Industry was exciting to me when I was doing residential houses. After that, I got involved with VBC and it started expanding into 20 module buildings which was even more exciting. Now we’re doing 5 story, 150 module buildings which are changing the way people look at building in Philadelphia. All of this is being completed in a city footprint which is almost impossible, with some of the largest cranes in the industry. There is new excitement for me everyday at VBC, of the goals we exceed and product we complete.

What did you do in your career prior to this and how did it lead you to VBC?  

I’ve been in the Modular Industry for 27 years and have worked in Engineering, Service, Sets, Transportation and Project Management for 6 different manufacturers. When I met the VBC Group a few years back, their vision of the modular industry is where I saw myself going in the industry. So it was a perfect fit to join their team, and to see where the future was going to take me.

How did your relationship with VBC happen? 

I became a Multi-Family Rep. for Ritz-Craft, which VBC was buying modular product from. After working with the VBC Group through a couple of the multi-family buildings, we discussed that to larger buildings at a larger quantity, it was necessary to join construction and manufacturing within the same business. These discussion led to investigating and eventually the purchase of a manufacturing facility, which ended up being the Hamlet Facility.

What do you see the future bringing for the business and industry? 

The multifamily modular Industry has the opportunity for unlimited growth today, and for years to come. The more companies like VBC and MMC continue to prove the modular process is better and faster, the more it will keep growing.

Favorite movie and movie quote? 

Days of Thunder, Quote from: Movie Field of Dreams – “If you Build It, They will Come”

What song comes on the radio with which you can’t help but sing along? 

Anything from Luke Combs 

What do you do with your spare time? 

I spend most of my time with my daughter Davanee, watching America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys, going to see the Pittsburgh Pirates in Pittsburgh (before Covid), Amusement Parks and Shopping, her favorite.