Name:  Matt Drosselmeier
Division:  VBC | Studio
Job Title: Junior Project Architect

Matt is a Junior Project Architect that has been with the company just under a year.  He is a recent graduate from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston and is logging hours towards architectural licensing.  Since starting he was worked on two of the largest projects that we have undertaken (510 N. Broad Street in Philadelphia, PA and Benning Road in Washington DC) and works with our consultants, construction, and manufacturing team to maintain design documents.  He is an ultimate team player and takes on more responsibility than his job title should suggest which aids senior team members accomplish their goals and the goals of the project.  His positive attitude is also infectious and is great to have in the small open office setting of the Cambridge Office.  In an environment where there is tight deadlines, client changes, and unchanging deliverables, his is the first to pitch-in and we are all appreciative of this fact.