4125 CHESTNUT STREET (The LVL Building), LVL pronounced “Level” We have now received our TCO for the First Floor and Common Areas. Our Team continues to press forward with punching out units, completing the Green Roof Amenities and beginning to de-mobilize from the site. Elevators have been our kryptonite on this project with various delays including equipment deliveries, manpower for its installation and the State Inspection process. We are confident these hurdles will be overcome in the next few days. The LVL Building a 141 Unit Building currently has 23 occupied Units. As of this date, Alterra Property Group has leased 65% of the building!!! We look forward to the next APG project, The Next LVL located one block away at 4233 Chestnut Street.

Last module set today!

American St foundation continues!

46th construction continues

The Vault framework and interior are underway!