Tyler Fuller

Why did you decide on construction/architecture/engineering as your career?

I was always good at math and really enjoyed physics, so engineering seemed like the career path that made the most sense for me.

What is different or special about the team at VBC | Manufacturing that excites you?

The team is made up of varying experiences in the industry and has been built on asking employees to step up into new roles. We have a salesman turned safety manager, a service coordinator turned quality manager and many other leaders that have stepped up to support the growth over the past year.

What is it about what VBC does that excites you?  

The growth of the organization and the potential to provide housing solutions all over the country.

What did you do in your career prior to this and how did it lead you to VBC?  

I’ve spent my entire career in some type of manufacturing from outdoor lawn equipment to HVAC.  I really enjoy the operations side and gravitated towards it early on in my career. The opportunity to grow and make a difference along with my passion for manufacturing led me to VBC.

How did your relationship with VBC happen? 

A conversation with a recruiter on Linkedin that turned into a few months of discussions and interviews.

What do you see the future bringing for the business and industry? 

We’re going to continue to grow as a business and industry. I think being a member of MMC is a really exciting step in the future of modular and collaboration in the industry.

Favorite movie and movie quote? 

Gone in 60 seconds
Step Brothers- “Dale: Why are you so sweaty? Brennan: I was watching cops”

What song comes on the radio with which you can’t help but sing along? 

Alabama – I’m in a Hurry

What do you do with your spare time? 

I spend my spare time hanging out with family, friends, and my girlfriend. I also enjoy working on house projects, fast cars, and motorcycles.