VBC | Construction

American Street –
Foundation starting next week. Units completed from VBC | Manufacturing will begin to be set by the end of January.
46th Sreet –
The construction has been completed. Congratulations VBC | Construction team on receiving CO on 11/13.
Dwell –
Even with the delays, this new complex built with our VBC units, and set by the VBC | Construction and VBC | Manufacturing teams, is just a few weeks from completion!

VBC | Manufacturing

American Street –
Project has been completely built. It was started in June and completed in August. We are still working outside on short material installation.
Big Horn Multi –
We started in Sept. and are still working on this project.
We are building a few residential units while this project is running.
This project will not complete until Jan. 2020 due to putting Big Horn Townhouses In the schedule because of demand.
Big Horn Townhouses –
These are scheduled to start Nov. 25th