VBC | Construction

American Street

Project progresses and continues to build momentum, regardless of the COVID-19 obstacles, our crews have adapted well, staying safe and productive.  The fit out of the ground floor is in progress and moving smoothly.  There has been a positive and noticeable change from the American Street project compared to our 4125 Chestnut project.  Our Team has learned from 4125 to be even more efficient in sequencing and efforts to bring this project to a successful conclusion

The Vault

The Team has procured a TCO for the building.  Everyone is preparing to move our staff and personnel from various satellite locations to our new Philadelphia Construction Division HQ.  There’s been a very large sigh of relief after getting through this unique and challenging design build. This  was very modern atrium retrofit of a 1920’s Art Deco period building that will sure to be a welcomed addition to this section of Philadelphia.  The Team is just a few weeks away from fulfilling its Historic obligations to the City of Philadelphia before acquiring our Final Certificate of Occupancy.

North 19th Street

Foundation continues to progress for the underground parking garage.  The name of the game on this project is “urban logistics”.  By far one of tightest working sites for a project of this size, including narrow streets, a major mass transit route and close neighboring homes.  The Team, again, has adapted well considering the current social atmosphere and is working towards getting this podium complete within the next couple of months.  Modular set is currently tracking for a mid to late September start date.

VBC | Manufacturing

We have completed American Street, Big Horn Multi, Big Horn Townhouses, and 19th Street.

We are currently about 60% complete with 4233 Chestnut. This project should be off-line toward the end of July. Our next project will be 510 Broad Street.

We continue to make progress with each project, as we learn better more efficient ways to do things though out the process. We have been challenged by the issues that Covid 19 created for our world, but we are moving to overcome those and continue to improve.