VBC | Manufacturing Hamlet Plant Grand Opening Ceremony

On June 17th, 2020 it will have been 1 year since VBC | Manufacturing’s grand opening. What a year it has been! It was the most exciting, rewarding and challenging year of our company’s history. I think the easiest way to share how incredible our accomplishments were is with some statistics on our divisions. In March 2019 VBC | Manufacturing was operating with 55 employees; we now have 150. In 2018 our factory built 224 housing units, 2019 we built approximately 390 and in 2020 we’re estimating over 700! VBC | Studio commenced operations in 4th quarter of 2019 with the division generating more architectural services for our clients than they produced in all of 2018. 

We’ve developed a deep connection with our new team in Hamlet and our supporters and partners in North Carolina. I personally have begun to think of North Carolina as my second home and it’s been very hard to stay away during quarantine. Forced distance between our teams has required us to work even closer together to achieve our goals. 

We are building some of the largest modular buildings in the United States. Our next project, 510 N Broad Street, has more square footage than the 29 story hotel being built in NYC by Marriott right now, which will be the tallest modular hotel in the world. 

4125 Chestnut Blvd – Philadelphia, PA

VBC | Construction has finished construction on Philadelphia’s tallest modular building to date (4125 Chestnut) and is actively working on the next record breaker (510 North Broad). They did this while building another huge project (1150 N. American), a 48 unit building (808 N 19th) and completing a world class office renovation of a historic bank, The Vault.

VBC | Creative and our VBC champion and Board Member Colby Swanson is leading operations of the Modular Mobilization Coalition that was formed earlier this year as a direct response to the hospital bed shortage during the COVID crisis. This Coalition has quickly become one of the largest industry coalitions in the world.  One of our other Board Members and VBC champions, Dana Spain, has been instrumental in support of all our new and current initiatives and her family foundation has committed $50,000 to accelerate the MMC growth. 

We have spent over $1,000,000 making improvements to the VBC | Manufacturing facility and equipment since our grand opening. We have formed new partnerships with Universities and education institutions around the country and are working to make innovation and improvements a key part of our growth strategy. 

Hamlet, NC Plant Interior

It’s a very exciting time to be a part of VBC. Over the next year we are going to have opportunities and goals that many companies never get the chance to consider. Our focus will be on making targeted investments in systems and technology to improve our safety, quality and efficiency. We will work hard to continue to provide value and support to our team members during this volatile job market. We will do our best to develop and grow all of our team members who take the initiative and we will focus closely on ensuring that team members on our factory floor are committed and dedicated by strengthening our hiring process and managing absenteeism proactively. 

VBC’s success comes from our team members. Your dedication and resilience gives our company unmatched strength. Your willingness to adapt, innovate and improve inspires our leadership and our industry. One year ago we dedicated the Hamlet facility to VBC with the support of local and national leaders and I stated that you were the keys to the future. Not just the future of our company, but of our industry and of housing in the United States. You have proven this to be true over the last year and I know the things we will accomplish over the next year will be a direct result of your actions and for that I thank you. I support you, I am inspired by you and I could not be prouder to have you all on the VBC team. 

– Vaughan

VBC Launch Event Video