VBC is excited to announce the development of our new Business Development team headed by David Fetzer. The team will include a very talented group of experts that will manage clients, and cultivate future relationships for both VBC and the MMC. Focused on responsiveness to the overwhelming increase in local, regional, and national inquiries they will synchronize the three divisions within VBC emphasizing the expansion in market segments including for and not for profit, faith-based organizations, and government programs to increase project size and scope. For the MMC, their focused efforts will be on the expansion into the hospitality construction sector.

David Fetzer – With over 30 years of business development, management, and operational expertise as a sales leader and business owner, David’s experience growing a sales organization, budgeting, pricing, and cost management within the building industry provides VBC with a strong leader as the first point of contact. 

Dana Spain – Maintaining her role as Director of Investor Relations, Dana will continue overseeing relationships in the Affordable Housing market working with faith and community based organizations and municipalities as well as the regional HUD administration . Dana has been integral to the success and growth of our organization on many levels and leverages her vast network to help expand our business on a local, regional, and national level.

Nicole Casper – With over 20 years in broadcasting, higher education, community, and public relations, Nicole will be stepping into the role of Business Development Coordinator supporting the entire team. Nicole will be responsible with developing communication pieces, grant writing, marketing support, and managing the teams outreach to help pursue opportunities and manage existing relationships.

Tim Morrison – Tim is an independent modular Business Development Consultant representing the MMC focusing on the development strategy for driving growth in the Hospitality market. He has several years in the national sales market responsible for overseeing client relationships, project and client development, and corporate sales growth.

This team will play a huge part in helping the company build relationships and drive growth by pursuing the many business opportunities in the different markets today. 

Please join us in congratulating the team as we look forward to the great success they will have in helping VBC continue towards our goals of being THE leading volumetric modular company in the industry, and the MMC helping to establish itself as the only nationwide network for hospitality volumetric modular construction.