In January, members of the leadership teams from each division traveled to Las Vegas for the 2020 NAHB International Builders Show. This year was especially impressive with attendance for the 3 day event exceeding 108,000 people. The IBS is the biggest, most concentrated show of construction industry experts showcasing an array of new technology and products.

The trip had several focuses for the team. Overall, we were looking to network with others within our industry while also dedicating time to scout for new vendors, technologies, affordable product, and potential clients and partnerships. With over 1 million sf of showroom floor space, it took the entire team to split up and accomplish. Throughout the 3 day show, there were several meetings, discussions, and ideas shared between VBC and other experts that will definitely provide future opportunities for growth in 2020 and into 2021. Some of these contacts were forged in our first annual VBC Cocktail event where we hosted over 40 industry leaders, marketing specialist, writers, and other professionals interested in growing the volumetric multifamily industry.

During the week, VBC President Vaughan Buckley led an education session titled, “Make Modular Construction Work for Your Next Multifamily Project.” Several industry experts were in attendance and joined in a “Meet the Speaker” Q&A session directly afterwards. As expected, interest and engagement was high. In addition to this, Vaughan did a Podcast with Myles Biggs of Relish the Journey which will air in March. Throughout the event, the leadership team did interviews to document the event, what they learned and how that will translate into the success of our company. We’re excited to share these with you over the next few weeks so stay tuned to the Social pages for more recaps.

Events like the IBS are very important shows for our industry, but also great opportunities to tackle a lot of initiatives all at one time due to the access to so many experts. It allows us to take what we’ve learned and share it, but also learn from others so we can bring those tools back to better prepare for the future.

For more information about IBS, check out the video recap and some interviews below:

IBS Recap