Kevin Manfredi

After two years of hard work, and many obstacles, VBC | Construction’s Gary Harper and Kevin Manfredi completed The Vault in Roxborough. The Vault is the new home office of VBC and will also be the future home to many small business owners, employees, students, etc. in need of a collaborative workspace to grow their business and network. Over the last year, Gary and Kevin spent countless hours organizing and executing the daily construction needs with their team to reach final CO on the property in July. Working with electricians, painters, framers, and several other outside vendors, they were able to manage the completion of a beautifully renovated historical building exactly how VBC | Studio had designed it.

Vinny Oratorio

The day-to-day accomplishments would have never been completed without a leader on the floor. Vinny Oratorio was a workhorse driving progress every day and taking over on projects in need of completion. Vinny’s dedication to the highest craftsmanship, and assuring that the project continued moving forward was evident to the extra hours he spent on nights and weekends. We look forward to seeing him around The Vault moving forward leading the necessary final touches to the Collective Coffee at The Vault, and the building’s kitchen area.

The extraordinary work accomplished by the VBC | Construction division led by Rob Schmalbach and Gary Harper, with the hard work and day-to-day management from Kevin Manfredi and Vinny Oratorio is another example of the versatility and expertise from this division within the VBC family. The Vault will be considered the premier collaborative community workspace in Philadelphia for years to come and without VBC | Construction and its team of experts, this wouldn’t have been possible.