As we move forward in our efforts to address the struggles within America today in regard to the COVID-19 virus and its effects on people, the healthcare system, and American business in general, an action team has been activated to develop and present solutions for some of the issues the country is facing.

COVID-19 Crisis Action Team

Vaughan Buckley
Sara Logan + VBC | Studio Team
David Fetzer
Ray Cudwadie
Dana Spain
Shawn Hendrix/Josh Delph – VBC | Creative Team
Colby Swanson

The goals behind our work are as follows:

  1. Provide solutions to address the issues facing healthcare facility shortages, for both the private sector and Government.
  2. Provide a safe place for those not directly affected with the virus to continue to need the critical care they still require.
  3. Provide a package that addresses short-term crisis needs, that is cost effective and easily transferred to attack the affordable housing crisis after the virus has subsided.
  4. Develop plans that are easily replicated to be used industry-wide for mass distribution while also helping the modular manufacturing industry establish a life-safety classification so they can keep their doors open, and employees at work.
  5. Directly drive business that will allow VBC to maintain as close to normal business as possible.

Timeline of Events:

Thursday April 9

Strategy meeting with leadership team to discuss how to get messages (Cost vs Investment; short term/long term solution, Americans back to work) aligned to share in outward communications . Social campaign directed towards 10 identified contractors with government contract to try and drive conversion. Planning and schedule in place for the video to be recorded by David Cooper and the edited in-house as promo reel.

Wednesday April 8

Sr. Leadership has follow-up meeting with Pennsylvania House of Representatives to discuss coalition solutions. Members of the coalition provide feedback and list of contacts they are engaging. Team in discussion for endorsement contacts to refine message and engage. Purchasing begins to garner interest from suppliers about sponsorship. Meeting with David Cooper leads to initiative to interview and get footage from members workers and leadership – more to come. Landing pages on MMC website to track traffic and interest from different vehicles currently in the communication playbook. 

Tuesday April 7

Sponsorship package released to suppliers and discussions beginning. Additional push on social. Discussion with NC officials about business opportunities locally. Contract supplied to contractors for development of emergency response for healthcare facility shortage. Plan to reach out to MMC and contractors directly to begin conversations about the standardized SCU solution. VBC | Studio provides beginning stages for full solution animation to showcase as centerpiece around external communications. Special programs identified as resources to reach out to for sponsorship or grant dollars. Canadian group identified as a potential client to discuss our products and how we may be able to help.

Monday April 6

Sr. Leadership has meeting with Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Serious interest in the long-term opportunity from our standardized footprint and 2-page letter developed for them to share within the group for internal discussions. Infographic and messaging finalized for the “Getting Americans Back to Work” message with direct contact sent to major media outlets and political leaders. 2 separate sponsorship packages are developed to assure it addresses multiple audiences.

Sunday April 5

Several meetings throughout the day identifying and beginning outreach to celebrity endorsers to help get the message out about the MMC and the solutions. Strategy around how to deploy those partnerships and discuss level of involvement. Promoted the Tom Hardiman, CAE Executive Director of the Modular Building Institute interview with David Cooper. In his interview, Tom spoke about the MMC and what it’s doing to bring the industry together to address short-term and long-term needs.

Saturday April 4

VBC | Studio finalizes full exterior building renderings for hospital ward and transitional affordable housing solution. Team begins to work on messaging focused on “Getting Americans Back To Work” directed to audiences with influence that can drive initiative. Team met with David Cooper of DaveCooperLive, a major voice and vlogger within the modular industry to discuss and plan partnership opportunities to promote the MMC over the next few weeks and beyond.

Friday April 3

Development of official coalition list and sponsorship package for suppliers and 3rd parties. Plan developed to identify 5 locations, nationwide, and provide 4 SCU’s – 20 care units to each of the five locations with sponsorship dollars. 2 pager developed for submission to MMC coalition defining the standardize modules for each company to begin submitting for meetings and interest. MMC broadens reach as interest from Puerto Rico looking for housing solutions while still reeling from the Hurricane.

Thursday April 2

Overnight, specific sponsorship package ideas discussed to help local hospitals and minority groups with potential connection to HUD and other government agencies. VBC | Studio finishes updated internal/external renderings of the SCU’s providing a more comprehensive reference of the short-term and long-term uses. Geo-Fencing campaign launched targeting Mayors, City Council Members, City Planners, Veteran Affairs, Hospital Directors, Emergency Planners, and Urban Planning Commissions. 

Wednesday April 1

The first official meeting of the MMC was held with all national members to discuss process for operations, as well as discuss procedures, design, and marketing efforts to-date, and for the future. Ongoing discussions with the NGO and USACE. 

Tuesday 3/31

First campaign post goes out focusing on over 15 cities, specifically targeting decision makers in the government and industry that are responsible for addressing the shortages. Direct contact communications go out with team working around the clock driving awareness and gaining interest in our products. New floor plans for the SCU’s developed to take on a more “ward” style option. This options specially addresses trending specs by the USACE. Ongoing discussion with the USACE important discussions are leading to potential future business. Agreement and alignment plan with national based GC to help site sets across the country implemented to help negotiations.

Monday 3/30

Social Media pages developed for MMC and begins posting and sharing. Meetings continue with USACE. Discussion and plans developed for campaign to push message and 100’s of contacts established across the country for direct communications. Phone system created for 24/7 communication with the VBC team on behalf of the MMC. Membership seal developed to use across all coalition members while collateral continues refinement and remains fluid throughout the day. Work begins on video for external communication for mass distribution to focused target audiences. Studio team continues to update floor plans providing renderings and solutions to address the ongoing needs. Interview with Vaughan Buckley published on the MMC to addressing the entire industry coming together to fight the hospital bed shortages in America.

Sunday 3/29

MMC now consists of 23 members with over 30 factories in. every region of the United States. MMC website launched with full intake forms for both member sign-up and customer orders.

Saturday 3/28

VBC shares first post of the MMC introducing it to the market. Immediate interest in the coalition continues to gain steam picking up additional members reaching 25 total members nationally.  A one page document is developed and begins to distribute out to Federal, State, City and private agencies to communicate capabilities. Development of is started.

Friday 3/27

The Modular Mobilization Coalition (MMC) is developed with specific brand identity and messaging. The coalition expands to over 20+ factories nation-wide. An official Press Release was released across the country with over 4000 views to date.

Thursday 3/26

Splash added into SCU and Isolation docs and led by Dana, David and Colby, communications going out Nationally by the minute. Over. The last 48 hours we have had 128 unique downloads of the proposal collateral from non VBC visitors with a 300% increase in daily traffic. As I type this, there are two active users on the site reviewing the material.

Wednesday 3/25

Led by Vaughan,  Our coalition of manufacturing partners in the industry expanded from 3 factories in NC and PA, to 18+  factories in NC, PA, MI, IN, CA, and NY allowing for a potential output of over 1,000 SCU rooms a week, 4,000+ rooms a month! As this idea circulated around the country, interest from different officials and agencies grew ten-fold. By the end of the day, we were redeveloping our documentation by the minute to keep up with the changes, added a new business model, began working on adding in the Splash bathroom pod tech to the plans, and were contacting by the Army Corps of Engineers with immediate interest in moving forward.

Tuesday 3/24

A representative from the NYSERDA – New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, reached out with interest in our plans specifically around the Supplemental Care Units (SCU) and the effect they could have on the growing hospital shortage issues on NY. The MBA and NAHB jumped in with full support to help drive the initiatives through there member networks joining other major players in the advancement of industrial housing in America with direct ties to the Government.

Monday 3/23

The team immediately began moving on developing communications plan for reaching out to State and City officials around the country, along with regional HUD representatives and other organizations focused on the shelter issues at hand. Simultaneously, Vaughan and Colby began working on a reaching out to the industry to begin building partnerships for increased production nation-wide.

Sunday 3/22

The Stimulus plan was voted down in the Senate.

Saturday 3/21

As negotiation through the Senate were ongoing, it become apparent that due to dollar amount around this plan, businesses from all of the United States were lobbying for business and although we knew we would still potentially be a part to some extent, we were uncertain to what level. However, the teams concentrated effort to execute a thoughtful and innovative idea in roughly 48 hours that had the impact at such a high level of our Government, and was viewed by various senators, including the House Majority Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, was an amazing accomplishment.

Friday 3/20

The Senate spent the better part of the day and into the night building a revised draft of the COVID – 19 Stimulus package. We go word that they were building specific language around the plans that VBC submitted with potential carve out of up to $1Bill for industry funds to help fight the problems.

Thursday 3/19

Governor Wolfe of PA issues a non-essential business freeze dictating that all in-office work would be done from home, and all non-safety classified business would cease without special exemption.

Wednesday 3/18

Documentation for a full modular solution for Supplemental Care Units (SCU) and Isolation Housing was completed and submitted to the Government for full review.

Tuesday 3/17

The VP of the United States office who is heading the COVID – 19 response team contacted us with interest in seeing a more refined proposal. Over the next 48 hours, VBC | Creative hammered out concepts.

Monday 3/16

With the COVID-19 outbreak, the idea to develop plans and collateral communication for two modular forms, Supplemental Care Units (SCU) and Isolation Housing. Rough plans and scope were provided with the Affordable Housing platform as the foundation. The initial idea was shared with HUD representatives and local Senators.