On February 6, 2020, the Hamlet Manufacturing company recognized 41 employees with Perfect Attendance for November, December and January with a chicken salad or barbecue plate purchased from a local church. The employees with perfect attendance are listed below.
Keeton Abrams
James Allison Jr
Christopher Bogdon
Darrick Brown
Rashad Burroughs
Kevin Campos
Gustavus Chambers
Joseph Cole
Aaron Crewell
Robin Davis
Larry M. Dick Jr.
William Dorey
Jaime Garcia
Ricky Hall
Vander Harding
Robert Hoffman
Clayton Holmes
Gayla Hudson
Andrew Hunt
Kenric Liles
Daniel Locklear
Justin Lowery
Christopher McCall
Rico McIntyre
Joseph Melton
David Mowry
Reginald Nowland
Frederick Oxendine
Quincy Oxendine
Erk Oxendine
Edward Polson
Chrystal Robinson
Thomas Sessoms
Anthony Shepherd
Jesse R. Sheppard
John Thornsbury
Jerry Tyler
Charles Watson
James Watson
Terry Wright
Scottie Wallace